Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What does a small house plan cost?

How much would you expect to pay for a small house plan?

I've found them to be more affordable than I would have imagined.

For example, one web site I found offers small house plans, including a plan for this 950 sq. ft. home.

In this case, you can buy a single set of blueprints for $435, five sets of blueprints for $535 or complete CAD files for $915. And there is a complete bill of materials for $85.

The site has a bunch of other small house plans ranging in size from 600 to 953 sq. ft. at about the same prices.

I've found another site that has some really imaginative designs, including this 614 sq.ft. house ...

but imagination clearly costs more as the plans for this "Lisette Cottage" cost $950.

Naturally, there are a variety of other small house plans available from a number of different companies so there really is something for every taste and budget.

Could you build that small house ... free?

I didn't think you could build anything for free until I ran into this book titled "How to Build Your Free House."

The guy who wrote the book, E.S. McArthur, says he will guarantee you can own a brand new, high-quality, custom-built dream home in just a few months. He also says that you can own that new house for just 58% of the price you could immediately refinance or sell it for ... or even better, that new house could cost you nothing.

Is this too good to be true? I would think so except for the fact that he guarantees his system. So, if the idea of building that small house for free interests you, Click Here! for more information.

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Great to have a small house in that place.

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